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Jiroft & shahid rajaee agro-industry coplex

Jiroft & shahid rajaee agro-industry coplex:

Jiroft agro-industry started its activities in the field of agriculture' farming and gardening in 1975 in public sector.

In order to implement  the  article  44 of the constitution in 2011, the two above complexes were privatized through auctions in OTC.

At the present time  CURACI purchased 61% shares of agro-industry as one of the major shareholders.

The agro-industry has over 3500 hectare of arable lands.out of this scale 1300 hectare is under cultivation of citrus and date palm. Now 357 people are working in this agro-industry and CURACI is planning to develop other activities such as animal house bender-fruit processing, green house farming  and so on.


Shahid rajaee agro-industry complex

This A-l complex started its activity in order to irrigate 5400 hectare of Dez -dam lands under the name of iran-shelkat in 1971.

65% of the shares were allocated to CURACI and 35% of share were transferred to the rural cooperatives of khoozestan province .major activities are :producing canola and clover seeds- plus wheat seed-corn seed –soybeans –canola seed-clover seeds-safflower-valencia orange-siyavarz  orange-sweet lemon-lime-grapefruit-different types of tangerine.

Members of the board  of directors:

Ismaeel Ghasemi

Chairman of the board of directors

Allah Gholi Ranjbar

Vice chairman

Manoochehr Moradalivand

Board member

Mansour Barzgar

Board member

Hooshang Afsardeir

Board member

Amir massood Pejmanpour


Abbas banazadeh

Managing director





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